Conference Venue


The GIIS 2012 conference will be held at the ARAKEMO Inn Hotel located in a privileged location of Choroni, with an exotic landscape, between river and mountains.

Conference Location

Posada Arakemo Choroni
calle principal, 500,
Choroni, Aragua, Venezuela

Emails: /
Tel : +58243-899.72.7

Getting Here

Maiquetia – Simón Bolívar International Airport is the closest international airport to Choroni.

Taxis and mini-bus public shuttles are the common ways for transportation between the airport and Choroni. The mean duration is about 3 hours for the min-bus shuttle. Taxis are vey convenient with a duration of about 2½ hours. The cost is about 100 euros but 3 passengers can be accepted onboard.

Another way to get there is to take public bus from Caracas city centre to Maracay, then the local public bus to Choroni Puerto Columbia.

Finally, transferts services are provided by the following hotels:

AKAREMO (rate: 1200 Bs for 3 persons)
JungleTrip (rate: 1000 Bs for 3 persons)
Posada Tucan
Posada Turpial

GIIS Shuttle service

A GIIS shuttle service is offred by the Universidad Simon Bolivar between the conference location (ARAKEMO Hotel) in Choroni and The International Airport Simon Bolivar Maiquetia. The scheduled transferts are:

From The International Airport Simon Bolivar Maiquetia to ARAKEMO Hotel

- Saturday, December 15 at 16:30

- Sunday, December 16 at 15:30

From The ARAKEMO Hotel to the International Airport Simon Bolivar Maiquetia

- Thursday, December 20 at 12:00

- Friday, December 21 at 9:30


Accomodation is possible (and highly suggested) in ARAKEMO Inn Hotel. The hotel is one of the best and the most comfortable hotels of Choroni and it provides all the facilities, for the conference equipments as well as for accommodation.


A number of rooms are reserved with special rates for GIIS 2012 attendees.


  Bedroom Prices breakfast included

  2 peoples
   600 VEF
  3 peoples
   700 VEF
  4 peoples    800 VEF

Please contact the hotel  manger to book your room.

Posada Arakemo Choroni
calle principal, 500,
Choroni, Aragua, Venezuela
Tel : +58243-899.72.7
Emails: /

List of other hotels

Hotel EL Portete
Choroni Estato Aragua – Venezuela.

La Casa de Las Garcia
Calle El Cementerio - Choroní.
58-(0)243-991.10.56/ 991.1124 / 0412-235.68.94; Fax: 0243-9911257

Hotel LA Bokaina
Posada La Bokaina
Hacienda El Portete, Sector La Bokaina No 4
Puerto Colombia, Choroní
+58(0)414-453 92 20

Other Hotels see here